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Just seeing if anyone is interested in this, x-posted to falloutboylove

Awhile ago, I had posted on falloutboylove about an LJ a friend and I created where you could leave Pete a message saying whatever you wanted.

Well, I changed a couple things:
A) the actual site
B) it from 'pete' messages to 'fall out boy' messages.

I realize it was extremely stupid to divert it down to just messages to Pete.
So the new site is

This is a bit different, because now you have to e-mail me your message and I'll post it on the site for you.
No deadline or anything, but just for warning, I'm giving this to the guys on Sunday, August 14th. If you e-mail it to me after the 13th, I'll still post the message on the site, but not until the 15th.

Anyway, I hope this pleases you all, seeing as some people had a few problems with how it was before (I didn't think it was right or anything either, hence the reason why I changed it)
And I realize I'm sounding like an idiot, sorry.

So if you still have a message you want to send the boys, e-mail me the message and it'll be posted asap :)
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