makethishurt (makethishurt) wrote in yay_fob,

come with your arms raised high

At least I don't have to feel stupid posting anymore with all those big bad older kids over at falloutboylove. Yeah, I'm fourteen, so what?

Bytheway, my name's Emily. <333
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Yeah I totally agree.

Like, even in the comments one time, this girl bitched at me for saying that I thought something was funny, when she thought it wasn't.

Yeah...I'm a member there too...but I never made a post cuz I was scared they'd be all "GRR YOU'RE STUPID! DIE!"
im 13.
and i hate posting in falloutboylove. they are so mean sometimes.
yea, i'm 14 too

not everybody that is older is mean, but a lot og them think that because we are younger we suck or something
More like they think the younger fans are just in it because they think Pete is hot. Some people just see the younger ones less deserving of Fall Out Boy. Only some people, and only sometimes.
yes, that is true
and it's so lame when they try and pull the whole "oh we're older than you/been longer fans than you, we're obviously much better than you" shenanegan.
Just because you may be 18 and another fan is 13 doesn't mean they're only a fan because they think pete is hot. And just because they found out about fob last month and you liked fob for the past year or 2 doesn't mean you're better than them.

yeah, don't ask where that came from.
i'm 14 and my name is emily too. =)
Well, you're probably the coolest person in the world then.
You guys are retarded. You're just little poser kids who don't even appreciate any of the music. Go back to Nsync, you douches.

Haha, JK. I'm 14, and I never post in my best buddies community, so I figured I'd come in with a bang.

Hahaha. At first I thought you were being serious. My post is completely sarcastic anyways. I don't really have a problem with the kids over at foblove; things just get out of hand sometimes.